Our Weekly Program

At NTOOSHC, our weekly program is created from the influence of weekly themes. These weekly themes can reflect days of significance within our community and different cultures to promote inclusivity among all. Alongside, we also incorporate child suggestions throughout each week so their interests are being catered for throughout the weekly program. From these influences, the children are given a choice of what they would like to participate in from the programmed activities or they have the option to have free play. To view our changeable weekly programs, see below or refer to the poster at the centre.

At NTOOSHC, for programming we are influenced by the cultural calendar and children’s personal interests to create engaging weekly themes. Due to the low numbers caused by COVID-19, we are continuing to provide an exciting program by creating a list of activities that directly relate to the weekly theme. From this list, the children have the option to decide on what activity they would like to participate in while also making the decision to choose what active activity they would like to do.

If you have any questions regarding the program please do not hesitate to talk with Maddy or Kirsty or email us at ntooshc@gmail.com.

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