Vacation Care

Vacation Care

We provide Vacation Care during the school holidays in April, July and September / October, December as well as during the last 2-3 weeks in January. Our Vacation Care program is open to children attending Turramurra North Public School as well as children in the local area.

Vacation Care is packed with many theme days and activities held at NTOOSHC as well as incursions and excursions. Our program aims to keep your children entertained during the holidays and ensure that they having lots of fun with their friends. Parents are asked to ensure their child brings a hat, water bottle, morning tea and lunch each day.

Vacation Care Opening Hours

7:00am – 6:30pm

New children attending Vacation Care

If you have not attended North Turramurra OSHC before, you will need to enrol in the centre. (This is in addition to the Vacation Care booking and consent forms.) Please follow the link to view instructions on how to enrol: Enrolments.

Vacation Care Program

Our Summer Vacation Care Program is now available for viewing! Bookings open Wednesday, 28th November 2018 and can be made via the Webserver.

Please don’t forget to complete and return the Permission slip and  Treetops Waiver to the Centre if required for your bookings. You can find the Permission slip on the last page of the Program.

Please select your days carefully as all bookings are considered final and no transfers or refunds will be given after the no cancellations date.

To book Vacation Care

  1. Click here to book online
  2. Login with your previously supplied username and password
  3. Click on “Parents Menu” and “Calendar Bookings”
  4. Select the “edit week” icon next to the week you wish to book for
  5. Select “Book” next to the child and day you wish to book for
  6. Click “Save & Exit” once you have Booked all the required days for the week. You will then receive an email with your requested bookings
  7. Review your booking confirmation email to ensure the days booked are correct.
  8. Print out and sign all relevant permission slips for the days that have been booked, and return these to the centre director via email (
  9. Await your booking confirmation email.  If you have returned all permission slips / waivers and completed your booknigs online, and are yet to receive your confirmation, contact the Centre Director via email:
  10. The amount owing will be debited at the end of the Vacation Care Period.