Fees and Payments

The Centre is run on a “Not for Profit” basis and therefore fees will be kept minimal while ensuring appropriate and substantial funding. Please be aware that the cost of the program is calculated based on the session, therefore there are no half day or hourly rates available.

Family Membership Fees:

An annual membership fee is charged to every family when they enrol or re-enrol at the centre each year.

Membership fees are below:
Term 1 – $35
Term 2 – $35
Term 3 – $17.50
Term 4 – $35 (includes Term 4 and the annual membership fee for following year)

Before and After School Attendance Fees:

Session Type Morning Session
(per child)
Afternoon Session
(per child)
Permanent Booking $13.00 $24.00
Casual Booking $16.00 $27.00

The above fees are effective from Tuesday, 1st February 2022.

Ezidebit Fees:

Administration Fee (once only): $1.10

Bank Account Transaction Fee: $1.10 (Centre absorbs fee).

Credit Card Transaction Fee: VISA/Mastercard 2.5% (min $1.10); AMEX/Diners 4.4% (min $0.88)

EZIDEBIT Dishonour Fee: $14.80 per dishonoured transaction (to be charged directly from Ezidebit)

Centre Dishonour Fee: $15.00 per dishonoured transaction (to be applied to parent account at the centre)

Late Collection Fee:

Any parent who collects their children after 6:30pm will be charged a late fee as set by the Management Committee. This fee is currently $1.00 per 1 minute.

Non-Notification Fee:

If your child will not be present at a session you must either log in to the Portal & mark them away or let the centre  know to avoid unnecessary confusion & concern. The roll is checked in each session to make sure all children are present. The fee for not notifying the Centre is $15.00 for all sessions.