21 Dec 2016

Important Ezidebit Information

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As you would by now be aware, North Turramurra OOSHC is moving to Direct Debit only for fee payments in 2017.

With the end of the year quickly approaching we will like to confirm a few important pieces of information with you.



Debits are processed fortnightly, on the same day you receive your statement, being Tuesday, with the debit usually occurring on the Thursday, two days later. This is to give you time to review your statement and ensure sufficient funds are available from your elected account/card.


For families who opted for an immediate start to Ezidebit, your debits will continue to occur fortnightly over the Christmas break.

For families who opted to commence Ezidebit from 2017 your debits will commence on the Thursday of the first fortnight of the year.


The last debit for the year will be processed on Tuesday 20th December 2016.
The first debit for 2017 will be processed on Tuesday 3rd January.


Outstanding balances of up to $500.00 will be debited automatically. Balances of $500 – $600 will be debited automatically however families are notified via email. When an outstanding balance is $600 or more, only $500 will be debited and an email will be sent to the family either requesting permission to debit the remaining amount or for the family to make a manual payment of the difference.



Ezidebit have a number of fees and charges which are available to view under the Ezidebit Terms and Conditions on the webserver.

To mimimise the impact on families, NTOOSHC absorbs the cost of the initial set up fee per family and ongoing bank account transaction fees for families who have set their debit to be taken from a nominated bank account.

Administration Fee (once only): $1.10

Bank Account Transaction Fee: $0.88

Credit Card Transaction Fee: VISA / MasterCard 2.2% (min $0.88); AMEX / Diners 4.4% (min $0.88)
Ezidebit Dishonour Fee: $11.90 per dishonoured transaction (to be charged directly from Ezidebit)

Centre Dishonour Fee: $35.00 per dishonoured transaction (to be applied to parent account at the centre)



Families may update their Ezidebit details at any time through the Centres online system. Please ensure that new details are entered by close of business Monday before the debit is to take place on the Tuesday for that fortnight.

  1.  Visit www.ntooshc.com.au
  2.  Click on the Parent Log On Button
  3.  Log In
  4. Parent Menu
  5. Ezidebit
  6. Enter your new details and click “Save”


If you have any questions regarding Ezidebit at NTOOSHC please contact the Centre on 9449 5661 or the Centre’s Administration Team, Becklyn P/L, on 9878 2651.